Since When is Abortion a Joke?

This article, (h/t Drudge) “Got a quickie aborsh” with a before/after photo hoax has pushed my hot button.  Moreso than the dust-up about SAH and Ann Romney.  It’s offensive, disgusting, and tasteless. But then, why should I be surprised by all this, since I can pull up the latest photos of Kourtney Kardashian, pregnant, in a bikini.  She’s another example of tasteless, at least in my lexicon.

The decision to have an abortion and then go through with it is nothing to laugh about.  Abortion is a life-changing choice for a woman.  Whether she chooses to have one for personal health reasons, because of assault, cultural background, economics, or she forgot birth control and the child is an “inconvenient truth,” she has to live with her decision and conscience, if she has one, for the rest of her life.

This is why I find Sarah Silverman’s abortion tweet and followup pictures to be unfunny, and quite frankly, the product of a sick mind.  I wouldn’t use the word comedienne and her name in the same sentence.  She’s taking a very serious, and for some women, a heart-wrenching, emotional decision and reducing it to to the level of throwing away a styrofoam cup.

There are many ways of giving political commentary on issues important to the national debate, but in my point of view, this was a cross-the-line.


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