First there was Hillary, now we have David — with friends like these….

Well, who would have thought.  David Axelrod.  I was watching Fox News Sunday, and leave it to  Chris Wallace to ask “the Axe” some of the toughest questions he’s had to face so far this campaign season.  Chris was channeling the spirit of his Dad, not letting “Axe” get off on a tangent, but pulling him back to the questions at hand.

In that vein, the President’s senior campaign strategist, was asked for a 1-2 sentence summary on the case for the President’s re-election.  (h/t to Jonah Goldberg for video link)

My take?  The President and his re-election campaign staff will be responsible for their own defeat.  Somewhere, some day, a sentence will be uttered, or a paragraph spoken that will crystallize for everyone, what this President and his agenda has been about and will be going forward.  And no amount of spin will save him.

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