The Hillarys – 1992 and 2012; the war on women becomes the war on moms

Deja vu?

And now the Democrats have never used the words, “war on women”, and stay-at-home (SAH) moms have no idea what it’s like to struggle.

Let me tell you, Hilary, my mom was a SAH, and I remember her creasing tin foil and washing plastic bags, because we had only one income, Dad’s.  She sewed most of my clothes to save money.  How dare you make snarky remarks about SAHs.

I worked with a young man many years ago, whose wife also stayed home to care for their two children.  That was a choice the family made.  He brought his lunch every day, and he had just enough money each day for the train, and an emergency phone call.  I suppose she didn’t know anything about women struggling and economic hardship.

Women who have no choice but need to work, like this author, are faced with an economy that is one of the worst on record since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.  As David Plouffe said, Obama “owns the economy”.   Gas prices at an average of $4.15/gallon, my house’s value decreased by over 47%, grocery prices rising faster than my salary, not to mention the trillions in debt that will send us over a fiscal cliff in the not to distant future.

When David Axelrod backpedals, you know this was one of those seminal moments in the campaign.  I feel a Republican sound bite coming.

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