Rick, it’s over. Bow out gracefully, and do it for the Gipper

I was watching the Wisconsin results yesterday evening when Rick Santorum delivered his concession speech, if you can call it that, and announced that it was “only halftime.”  He’s continuing his campaign in Pennsylvania where he hopes to win as a ‘favorite son,’ and next we learn he’s eyeing the Texas, North Carolina and Arkansas.   What planet is this man on?  Has he gone delusional?

Rick Santorum Tuesday Night in PA (AP Photo)

What began as a grass roots effort in Iowa, and slowly built up momentum in other states, has now turned into a tragic comedy, as voters of all demographics are coalescing around Romney, not only because they already know that this campaign will be hard fought for every vote out there, but because Santorum continues to marginalize himself with his anti-Romney comments and over the top rhetoric.  For someone who has consistently touted himself as the only “true conservative” alternative to Romney, he’s forgetting Reagan’s eleventh commandment, “thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

Other candidates in the Republican primary field bowed out gracefully when they saw the writing on the wall.   As a man of faith and moral character, Santorum needs to have a “come to Jesus” meeting this week.  Let go, and do it for the Gipper, Rick.

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