POTUS vs. SCOTUS – Obama’s Gross Miscalculation

It’s all over the blogosphere that we are aghast by the disrespectful comments made by the President of the United States with regard to a standing case before the Supreme Court, on Monday in the Rose Garden, in the presence of two foreign Heads of State, I might add.

The President’s broadside was a well-orchestrated, planned in advance, counter-offensive that would be executed in the event that the Supreme Court’s decision would be deemed  to have gone against the Administration.  Keep in mind that this decision is very personal for this President, who is not short-listed in the self-vanity category.

President Obama giving his comments on SCOTUS (AP Photo)

While I have read in numerous blogs that people believe the decision was leaked to Obama, I’m in the nay-say category.  Justice Dept. constitutional honchos, outside counsel, and selected academia experts probably microscopically poured over the entire 3-day transcript and audio of the oral arguments, taking apart every nuance of a word’s spoken syllable, and gave the President their best conclusion — he’s going down.  Something Mr. Obama probably knows instinctively as well.

So, with the advice and counsel of his senior campaign staff and aides, the President launches Plan B, the broadside against the Supreme Court on Monday.  To influence them, dare them, as many believe?  No, those comments were meant for his base.  For the upcoming “us vs. them” election.  I’m waiting for that in the heat of the moment when we hear the comparison to Bush v. Gore, something akin to “they stole the election from Gore; they stole Obamacare from us.”

Now, similar to the brouhaha, yet to go away, that arose from the Catholic Church over the contraception mandate, the President is slightly back-pedaling on Monday’s remarks.  The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals requesting the Justice Department to deliver a three page, single spaced response by Thursday noon, as to their belief of the right of the Judicial branch to review the constitutionality of laws, is an unexpected counter-broadside against the President’s remarks.

However, this request is just another indication that we’re seeing that for once, the President and his re-election campaign buddies, may have made a major miscalculation when they decided to take on the Supreme Court.  When we see even liberal members of the media express dismay, then we know the President stepped in it.  Further, the President’s remarks may actually hurt him, and may stiffen the resolve of some Court members.  Justice Kennedy, a target of the pro-Obamacare crowd, made the comment  about how this Case changes the fundamental relationship between the Federal Govt and its citizens.  The President’s comments Monday, would highlight for Kennedy, how prescient his in-Court comment was.

There are three branches of government, with checks and balances that were put in place by the Founding Fathers, so that no one branch of government becomes too powerful.  We have a President who has shown us on countless occasions, the latest being the open-mic and now the Rose Garden comments, that self-aggrandizement, his re-election, and his mission to “fundamentally transform America” are first and foremost in his mind.

We can only wonder how much of three years’ of Mr. Obama’s actions and words have sunk in come November 6.



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