An Open Letter to Govr. Mitt Romney (a.k.a. saving Mitt from Mitt)

Dear Governor Romney:

I have been following the Republican primary process now for several months, beginning with the Republican debates last September.  I sincerely hope that you will take the following comments and suggestions in the spirit they are intended, as they are meant with respect.  Anyone who embarks on a Presidential bid should be well-regarded for having the stamina to face a grueling schedule and a thick skin in the face of media and fellow competitors’ onslaughts.

You are facing the important Alabama and Mississippi primaries tomorrow and the Missouri primary over this coming weekend.  The winner projections at this point time are very close.  While I believe most voters are similar to me, in that we like certain abilities and points of view from you and the other candidates, we can only choose one.  And you’re not making it very easy for us or yourself.

Yesterday evening while driving home, I was listening to talk radio.  The commentary centered around “why is Mitt not able to connect with the ordinary American voter.”  And this, as you know, is your Achilles heel.  From what I have seen of you in interviews and on the campaign trail, you strike me as being a personable, yet private individual, someone who is attempting to keep the family/personal side of Mitt separate from the campaign Mitt.  And that is your privilege.  You are also keenly aware of your financial situation versus that of, for lack of better term, the ordinary American.

However, for me, your wealth is not an issue.  What is an issue, is when you try to be “one of us” when you’re NOT “one of us.”  Fortunes of birth, luck, education, hard work, faith have made you what you are, and there should be no apologies.  Instead you should embrace who you are, and tell people that you want to ensure that they, their children, and grandchildren grow up in an America, where they, too, can achieve their ideal and version of wealth, and that it can only be done in a free society.

Last night, I also watched Mike Huckabee’s show where he had as his guests, the same panelists whom you met a week earlier in Wilmington, Ohio during Governor Huckabee’s Presidential Forum.  What struck me was a comment made about you by Forum panelist Michael O’Machearley,

when Gov. Romney talked about how he would not cut any programs at all for soldiers coming home either injured or not, nor raise co-pays, I could feel a lot of sincerity

So you see Governor, it IS possible to connect with us ordinary folk, when you let your guard down and speak from your heart.  I once read about what you learned from your father’s Presidential bid, and its abrupt end because of a comment he made.  Life’s experiences color us all differently, but I would use that experience, not as a shell, but rather to be human.  Because that is what people want to see from you.  When you talk about healthcare and people struggling to pay bills in this economy, reach into your own personal experiences and share a few.   You weren’t always rich, and it probably wasn’t that easy raising five children.

So in summary, put away the roboRom and start being the real Mitt Romney.  Know what you know, and know what you don’t know.  You’ll find that you’ll make fewer gaffes, the conservative base might warm up to you, and, if you’re fortunate enough to clinch the nomination, then together we might give Barack Obama the surprise of his life the night of November 6.

Thank you for your kind attention (and Happy Birthday)

Melanie Kowalski (a.k.a. Political-Woman)

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