What 4486 US Service Members gave Their Lives For – Iraq Update

In 2003, US and coalition forces invaded Iraq, largely because US government leadership believed Saddam Hussein had WMDs.  After the 2003 “Mission Accomplished” speech, we began nation-building, as we’re currently doing in Afghanistan, at the cost of an additional 4000 US service members’ lives lost.

I’m sharing this article from Al Arabiya News.  The Iraqi Ministry of Education gave permission to the Iraqi Moral Police to enter schools in Baghdad to look for students having “Western” appearance.  This is what happened.  The photos are not for the feint of heart.

Back in the early 1950’s, Chicago alderman and ward boss, Paddy Bauler, gained pundit immortality with his words, “Chicago ain’t ready for reform.”  I guess, neither is Iraq.  Four thousand four hundred eighty six  US service members’ lives.

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