Ineptitude – Republicans, Thy Name Is

Is it me, or has anyone else noticed that the Party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan has morphed into the Party of inept.

What could have been a “gimme” year for Republicans is looking like an all out fight to divert disaster at the polls in November.    Can our Republican leaders, candidates, and some members of the conservative media really be this inexplicably dense?

The Republicans have been out-maneuvered on virtually every argument and issue since the debt ceiling crisis last summer.  They can’t seem to collectively put forth and maintain a coherent, cogent message or line of reasoning that ordinary Americans can understand, much less relate to.  Consider inept:   the failure of the supercommittee which Boehner didn’t want, but Reid did, resulting in deep military cuts among others; the payroll tax debacle, which is draining needed monies from Social Security; the failure to garner enough public support and outrage to successfully pass Keystone XL;  the Highway Bill passage that will add untold billions to our ballooning debt; and the utter failure in allowing the President to get away with his comments about “beating the war drums” concerning Israel.  At this point in time, the only way Barack Obama will lose the November election is if he beats himself, which fortunately for the Republicans, is within the realm of possibility given his tendencies toward hubris and narcissism.

The brouhaha over the Obamacare contraception mandate is just another example and brilliant case study in re-election politics 101.  The Democrats have skillfully turned a First Amendment, freedom of religion issue, into a women’s rights issue, which it is NOT.  There are 17 female Republican members of Congress and four female Republican senators, yet I’m not witnessing any collective group-speak supporting the argument to counter the Democratic onslaught.  Yet, the 12 female Democratic senators are pressuring House Speak Boehner to forego bringing legislation to the House Floor regarding this issue.

Consider the February 26th broadcast of Meet the Press, with guests Governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ) and Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) interviewed together by David Gregory.

MR. GREGORY:  You, you talked to my colleague Tom Brokaw recently, and you thought the other side, the Republicans, were on a, “a suicide mission.” What were you referring to?”

GOV. BROWN:  Well, the extreme move to the right, they want to take away contraceptives from American women,……” (emphasis added.)

And what was Governor Brewer’s response?  There wasn’t any.  Not an eye roll or any other body language to signal her disagreement.  When Gregory turned to her for final thoughts, she could have called Brown on his comment, but instead held to the immigration issue.

Next, we have the Blunt amendment in the Senate.  Instead of specifically addressing the rights of faith-based organizations to follow their moral code, the Amendment over-reached and attempted to encompass all employers who have moral objections.  It was defeated as well it should have been.

As for Rush Limbaugh, for someone so closely allied with the conservative cause, the Republican Party, and the movement to deny Barack Obama the White House for four more years, his choice of words was more than unfortunate.  As our friend Rahm (now on his own political trajectory to the White House) once said, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”  Sandra Fluke will probably be trotted out every so often in public to keep the memory fresh.  And, $10,000 bet? We’ll see her as a member of the audience in one of the Presidential debates, or in a campaign appearance with Barack Obama two weeks before the election.  We’ll have Rush to thank.  The only way this ship can right itself is if enough conservatives and pundits pressure the White House over Bill Maher, whose vile comments are already legendary .

George Will in his March 2 column got it right.  He sees what this writer does in our cast of characters running for President and the state of the Party at this point in time.   Americans love a good argument, a good debate, but what they can’t tolerate are fools.

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