Fatal Distractions

Let’s see.  Gallup has unemployment at 9% in February, two million people have left the workforce unable to find work or have stopped looking.  The number of Americans paying no taxes hits a high of 49.5%. Gas prices continue to rise – no end in sight.  Trillion dollar deficits continue to accumulate – no end in site.  Forty-five million Americans are on food stamps. Home values have plummeted 47% on average since 2008.  Israel’s ready to strike Iran; Syria’s imploding, and Egypt is still holding 18 Americans.  And I could go on for another paragraph or two.

Meanwhile, we are treated to daily doses of the ground-breaking issues we should consider come election time: contraception, abortion, the “year of the birth control moms” and the breakdown of the family that plays into the quagmire our country has found itself in.

After watching last night’s debate, I’ve deduced that if this keeps up, Obama won’t need a billion dollars to defeat the Republicans’ candidate.  The petty back and forth bickering between the Santorum and Romney on the Arizona stage last night is illustrative of the problems the Republican Party has this year, in which should be a godsend for winning back the White House.

From the payroll tax cut debacle to the most recent Obamacare mandate, which the Democrats turned it into a women’s issue via the fiction known as Obama’s compromise, the Democrats are defining the issues and outmaneuvering the Republicans from every angle.  They’re making issues of non-issues and the Republican candidates are taking the bait.  A few Sundays ago in Florida during an interview, the RNC chairman, Reince Priebus, compared Obama to the Captain Schettino.  Wasn’t that a brilliant sound byte.  But a prime example of what’s wrong the Republican Leadership both within the government and the Party.  Lame.  Out of touch.

With the exception of Newt Gingrich, who last night was spot-on with his analyses and focused Obama, the rest of the Republican field was hell-bent on destroying each other, and in the process, setting themselves up for possible defeat in November.  The candidates, the Party need to have a come-to-Jesus meeting (no evangelical reference intended) with their themselves and start focusing on the issues that are important to Americans, or the distractions that are draining their focus and energy right now, will prove fatal in the election booth this November.




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