Rick Perry — A Class Act

Governor Rick Perry and Mrs. Perry during his announcement to withdraw from the Republican primary

Governor Rick Perry withdrew this morning from the Republican Presidential nomination. It is with a sense of melancholy of what might have been, had he been stronger and more strident in the first set of debates.  However, first impressions matter and in hindsight, he was not ready for prime time.

The nation is at a crossroads on a number of fronts, economic, social and moral.  Rick Perry contributed to the conversation with his frankness, record of accomplishment and grace under fire.  But his initial gaffes caught him unprepared, and in the unforgiving glare of national attention, whether right or not, those gaffes painted the public’s impression, from which he never fully recovered.

Governor Perry, as you return to Texas, keep your head high, and no regrets.  It wasn’t met to be, not this time.  But in my opinion, you’re a class act.


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