Marianne Gingrich – ABC News’ Abetting of a Woman’s Scorn

You won’t find a photo of Marianne Gingrich in this post, because I’m one woman who thinks she’s in serious need of counseling and anger management.  Ten + years, and she’s still on the road for revenge.  ABC News, and I’m sure other media outlets to follow, are using the former Mrs. Gingrich to affect the outcome of the election.  And that I find unconscionable.

I’m not the proverbial babe-in-the-woods.  I realize this, and worse, has been done to destroy candidates, but what is happening to Gingrich doesn’t make it any less palatable.  Newt has his flaws, hubris and ego among them, but I thoroughly and vehemently disagree with the blatant, obvious, disingenuous politics of destruction that ABC News and their dupe, Marianne, are foisting on the voters and the democratic process.

It’s rather moribund to watch a once fabled television network descend to a shell of itself.

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  1. Mike

    January 21, 2012

    Congratulations, crazy exit polls.

    South Carolina Exit Polls: How Different Groups Voted via @nytimespolitics


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