Commander-in-Chief announces “more realistic” Vision for the Military

Okay, we get it. We all have to tighten our belts if we’re serious about getting out of this debt/economic debacle.  But in a time (is there ever a right time?) when we are dealing with an increasingly dangerous Iran; potentially Islamic fundamentalist Egypt; an unknown, unvetted N. Korean leader, and uncertain outcomes in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention other unforeseen global flare-ups (remember Kuwait), our  President announces “plans to cut tens of thousands of ground troops“.

After all, why “boots on the ground”, when we have proven success with demonstrated technological wonders a.k.a drones (until the Chinese have learned all they can about our technology thanks to the recent drone turnover by our Pakistani “allies”).  And, history is littered with proof positive that all armed conflicts can be won by air/sea alone, right?

This Administration fails to understand that what our enemies respect and fear is American military strength and might, and the determination of our country to use it, when necessary.

So now we have a more “realistic vision” for the future of our military, courtesy of our Commander-in-Chief, who wouldn’t know an F-18 Hornet if he saw one.  The fact that we’ve been in Iraq/Afghanistan as long as we have was demonstrated by the total lack of military prowess by our politicians who chose “faster, lighter” strike forces, rather than “overwhelming strength”, when it came to defining and completing the mission.

November 2012 can’t come soon enough.

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