Raising Cain … and the other shoe

Sexual harassment allegations dredge up personal memories for me. When you’ve been the person on the receiving end of the harassment, you don’t forget. Ever. Unlike Herman Cain who has trouble recollecting what happened 15 years ago, I still remember 25+ years later the drunken director at the dept annual meeting, who couldn’t keep his hands, his arms, his face off of me.  And I still remember the vice-president sitting there with his glass of bourbon in his hand laughing.  It was only after several colleagues who witnessed this after dinner behavior implosion and saw I was near tears, that they stepped in and led him off, for more drinks.

A week later I went into the office of a dept director whose opinion I respected, who had been with the company for many years, and told him I was going to go to HR to file a complaint. I’d had it with the ongoing snarky comments, the innuendo, that had been ongoing for months, and tacitly watched and noticed by other people, who said nothing, did nothing.  What happened at the dept mtg was the final straw. The director shut the door, looked at me, and told me to think very carefully about what I was about to do.  Not in a mean or warning tone of voice.  He asked me how important to me was my career, because if I were go to to HR, my career would be finished at this company.  And I knew he was right.  I kept my mouth shut.  That was then, this is now.

Whether the allegations are true or not against Herman Cain isn’t necessarily the point for me.  What I don’t like is the immediate assumption by some in the conservative media that this is a “smear campaign”, and likening this episode to Clarence Thomas.

Cain’s campaign has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in one day because people believe he’s been treated unfairly.  H’mm.  I’d say, by watching and listening to his comments in the immediate aftermath, and then his interview on Greta Van Susteren, that Cain’s got a problem of his own making; it’s called selective memory loss.  And with his story changing on a continual basis, I’d say that memory loss is coming back to haunt him.

But the other shoe is dropping.  And that shoe isn’t the recent report that one of the women who filed the complaint wants the NRA to void the non-disclosure agreement so she can refute his memory loss.  No, the other shoe is more and more people taking a closer look at his proposed economic/tax plan, 9-9-9, and what it will mean tax-wise for them and their families.  The other shoe is his complete lack of foreign policy experience and his off-handed comments when asked about current world issues.  The other shoe is his lack of government experience of any kind, which some people consider a plus. I don’t.  I’ve worked in the swamp called Washington, and he’ll get eaten alive.

I’m one voter who thinks we can do better.  Who that better is, I’ve not decided yet.  I’m taking my time, taking in all the debates, commentary, news, and making up my own mind.

George H. Bush, in his 1992 bid for re-election kept hammering “character matters.”  How soon we forget.

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