Herman Cain and the Wonderful World of Presidential Politics

Rep. Presidential Contender Herman Cain

Politico broke the story, “Herman Cain accused by two women of inappropriate behavior” yesterday evening, and as of this writing the Cain camp and the Republican nominee himself are calling the accusations. “totally baseless, totally false”.  Rush is going off the deep-end, and calling the story an “unconscionable racially charged attack.”

Apparently, the alleged harassment has happened more than once and has been corroborated by several people.  Others mentioned in the Politico story have stated knowledge of financial settlements being reached between the restaurant association and the women involved.

While I’m not quick to condemn, there have been several times in my long career, where I’ve encountered “inappropriate” behavior, so I’m taking and and see attitude.  I’m sure before another 24 hours has passed, we’re going to know the identities of the women and more lurid details.

I’ve not been a Cain supporter, but I have watched his appearances on the Sunday morning talk shows and in the debates.  The fact that he’s now having to deal with this expose, and in my opinion, handling it rather badly, indicates to me that he, like the Perry campaign, have seriously miscalculated the enormity of the stakes and resultant scrutiny of Presidential campaigns.   While Cain has run for elective office before, it has never been at this level, and only the next few days will show whether he’s a real player and survives, or whether he joins some of the other Presidential hopefuls who don’t know when to throw in the towel.

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