Christie Will Not Run .. The Reason Why is What Makes Him Great

Chris Christie at the Reagan Library, Sept 2011 (AP)

I’m watching Chris Christie’s press conference where he’s announced that he will not seek the Republican nomination for President.  His reason:  he made a commitment to the people of New Jersey.  He wants to stay and finish the job.   Despite the full support of his family and the countless number of people, from ordinary walks of life to the “billionaires”, urging him to run, he felt in his heart that he needed to finish the job he was elected to.  He’s a man of principle.

He believes that his appeal was based upon bold leadership, bringing two opposing sides together to accomplish something.  If it worked in New Jersey, could it work on a national level. 

I, for one, Governor Christie, respect your decision, but am still bummed, not only because of your potential to bring to America what you’re doing in New Jersey, but because of your candor, humor, plain speaking, straight-forwardedness.  

Considering the photo above, finish your work in New Jersey; you may yet be behind that Presidential seal one day.


  1. Steve

    October 4, 2011

    Mr. Christie is very honorable – if like all politicians he is being completely truthful. Although I have no reason to doubt his veracity, I am inclined to believe there are probably additional reasons why he chooses not to run. I believe these include: The difficulty in setting up a nation-wide organization at this relatively late date which is getting later all the time what with the Republicans tripping all over themselves trying to give their respective states the earliest primary. I also believe the tea partiers and neo-cons would be all over him once some of his not so arch-conservative views were put in the spotlight. Having said that, I’ll give him a pass and let him be noble for today.

  2. Kent@TheDysfunctionJunction

    October 4, 2011

    You’ve perfectly summed up everything that makes Chris Christie great. He says what he means and means what he says, and that’s a quality that’s not easy to come by in the political world. And while I do think he’s probably one of the most promising future candidates that are on the national scene currently, I’m glad he decided not to run this time around. As you said, he’s made a commitment and it says a lot that he intends to keep it. Additionally, the more experience in politics he gets, the better he’ll be. Unlike most politicians, I sincerely don’t think Chris Christie is corruptable. If anything, he’ll lay the groundwork for getting corruption out of Washington if and when he’s sitting in the Oval Office.

    Kent McCarty
    The Dysfunction Junction


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