Conservative? Too Conservative? Not Conservative Enough? Give me a break!

The Washington Examiner today has an article, “Some in the GOP See Negatives in Christie’s Record“, which is just making me cringe.  We are just shy of 13 months before the 2012 election, with voters paying more attention to candidates earlier in the electoral season than ever before.  And in some of these editorials and subsequent comments by readers, I’m reading the words of defeat for 2012. 

Chris Christie at the Reagan Library, Sept 2011 (AP)

I’ve been very out front in my desire and hope to see President Obama defeated because I believe his policies, honed through his background and lack of experience in government and/or private sector, are wrong for this country.  In hindsight and opinion, I believe his election was due more to his rhetorical skills and a repudiation of Bush/McCain than his abilities and record.  

So now we have the Republican nominee field, and the constant harping of who’s a real conservative vs. RINO.  Who the Tea Party will support vs. the Republican Establishment.  Give me a break!  Republican strategist, Mike Murphy, said on Meet the Press earlier this year, that if the Republicans aren’t careful, they’ll nominate their version of McGovern.  And the more I read different conservative blogs and reader remarks, I’m beginning to think that reality has some great odds of happening. 

I have my own word to describe all the sanctimonious conservatives out there:  SaintCons.  Those who’ll die on the sword of ideology, rather than find middle ground we can all agree on, and move forward.

No one candidate is perfect and one size fits all.  Each candidate has stands on issues and qualities that appeal to some, like me, middle of the road, and some that don’t. 

In my own, not so humble blog, I’m going to continue to press that sanity prevails in the coming months.  Otherwise, what we fear most will come to pass, the re-election of Barack Obama.

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