Fox News … yesterday evening was NOT a debate.

I even tried to sit through the replay, but why torture myself?   I wanted to get a further sense of the candidates, with maybe some more in-depth answers to issues.  The stock market tanked yet again, unemployment claims continue to rise, the entire global financial scene is unraveling, and even China is slowing down.  Yet, from last night’s debate, I think everyone was on another planet, not Orlando, FL, USA.  Where were the questions?  There was more attention paid to the wonders of social media and questions from “around the world” then substantive questions and followup.

Memo to:

  • Future debate sponsors – Wait until the candidate field thins out.  There are too many people on stage with 8 candidates, but adding Gary Johnson to the equation, who has as much chance of winning the nomination as I have, made the entire scene laughable.
  • President Obama and his supporters – Carville doesn’t have it quite right.  Don’t “panic” yet.  After this last debate, you might still pull it out.
  • “Second tier” viable candidates – From my perspective, you are:  Gingrich, Cain, Bachman; one of you could replace Perry.  Stranger things have happened.
  • Governor Perry – Obviously winning the gubernatorial races in Texas did not involve any debates.  You’re going nowhere my friend, unless you develop some chutzpah on stage.  This nomination is not your’s to lose, but to win.  And you’re fading fast in my book.
  • Governor Romney – I have my doubts about you, but you’re slowly winning me over.  Don’t talk so fast, and spend more time getting to know the American people, so they can relate to you and feel comfortable with you as a potential President.  You’re looking good on the debate stage, because Perry looks so bad.  Even some of my Democrat friends say they could vote for you, so you’ve got a shot.
  • Newt Gingrich – Is there any way that we can get you past your personal foibles and make you more palatable to the voters?  You get it, and your answers prove it.  But is it too late?  Stay in there. The Law of Karma may yet work in your favor.
  • Herman Cain – I don’t know how long you’ll remain in the race, but last night was your best effort.  The debate was so bad, your answers actually got people to notice you.  You could be one of the last standing.
  • Michele Bachmann – Not impressed last night.   Red as the power color for women is so 80’s.  With the stage lighting,  you looked like a glowing fire hydrant.  Who are your handlers?  Answers were unmemorable, not that you had many questions in the first place.  Iowa was your first win.  Continue down the path you’re on, and it could be your only.
  • Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman, Gary Johnson – For your country.  For your party.  Drop out. NOW.  Only your egos are keeping you in the race.
  • Ron Paul – With the onset of Obamacare, looks like we’re going to need more doctors.  You don’t look ready for retirement, so maybe you could return to your roots.

And finally,

  • Bloomberg TV – You’re hosting the next debate, October 11th.  The bar was set by CNN.  Come October time, who knows where this country will be financially, economically.  Hopefully, you’ll omit the gimmicks, and have the moderators who will ask the questions that need to be asked.

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