Re-electing the President – The Axelrod Roadmap

On July 9, I posted, Reality Check – Obama Can Win Re-election.  In this post, I mentioned a number of key strengths Obama had that could propel him to victory, the first being, the Chicago machine.

Strength #1:  Chicago Machine-style politics — gloves-off, “they bring a knife, we bring a gun” that will prove brutal for any of the Republican candidates.

In this morning’s Politico appears this article, Obama Plan:  Destroy Romney, where Messrs. Axelrod and Giangreco, Obama’s chief campaign strategist and a Democratic consultant, respectively, confirm that Chicago-style machine politics is alive and well.  Since Obama, at this point, may not be able to run on his record barring a miracle, then the only other option is opponent destruction, as in create enough doubt through character assassination, mix in some Tea Party “extremism”, and people hopefully will choose the devil that they do know, rather than the devil that they don’t.

So given the tenor of this article and interview, what does it say about the President and  “All the President’s Men”?  It’s rather poignant that “Hope and Change” has come down to “Seek and Destroy”.

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