It’s not about the Debt. It’s about 2012.

From  President Obama Smashes Record with $86M Haul

“President Barack Obama has shattered first quarter fundraising records for a  White House incumbent by raising $86 million for the first quarter – dwarfing  the 2012 GOP field’s total take and breezing past his own target of $60 million.”

For those who want to see Obama defeated in 2012, then there’s a need to get over the apoplexy with regard to the McConnell proposal, and get back to reality.  If $2.5 trillion is the price for defeating Obama in 2012, and that’s no certainty (see my blog post, “Reality Check – Obama Can Win Re-election”), then pony up.  For the Conservatives out there, I get it, but let’s not call McConnell a traitor to the cause.  Let’s wake up here.  Do you really think that with a Democrat-controlled Senate and Presidency that there’s going to be any agreement, much less passage of structural reforms necessary to entitlements, the tax code and the regulatory environment.  Do you really think Obama’s going to give on spending cuts without his “fair and balanced” revenue increases, which us commoners know as higher taxes.  Let’s also not forget that these increases come on top of the increases resulting from Obamacare, already kicking in.  At least with the McConnell proposal, Obama won’t get his $1 trillion dollars.

President Obama is a very smart man.  He needs a debt ceiling deal on his terms very badly to help in his re-election, and that re-election is front and center on his mind. That’s why those “fair and balanced” revenue increases are being pushed off until 2013.  We all know he’s blatantly playing politics.  First, play the class warfare card with “the rich” vs. seniors and children with autism.  Next, pillory our lovable villains, the big corporations, and the oil and gas companies, and introduce the new kids on the block, the corporate jet owners.  And then to really fire up the masses, play the class warfare card again, only this time with senior scare.  (And with regard to senior scare, I, personally find that behavior unconscionable in a President and leader.  If that card is to be played, it’s best left to the DNC or other minions.  My humble opinion.)

The problem here is that while you and I recognize the rhetoric for what it is, there are many, many Americans who are listening and taking this to heart.  There’s money in the Treasury to pay social security, military service people, etc.  Refer to a recent graph and Q&A from Goldman Sachs as featured in James Pethokoukis recent column, “The Issue isn’t Default, but Government Shutdown“.

The President knows the prize is 2012.  He’s a politician better than Clinton.  He has to splinter the Republicans, the Tea Party, and the Conservatives while convincing enough Independents he’s worth 4 more years to win.

I’ve noted before, and it’s evident from my posts in which direction I politically lean.  And my biggest fear is that if he wins another four years, $2.5 trillion is going to look like chump change.

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