Weiner Denouement – Score One for the Girls

Update (6/12/11; 12:24pm CDT):  Looks like he crossed the line.  Using the Congressional gym as a backdrop.

Well, you heard it here first.  June 7, “Character Matters“.  After Weiner’s confession on Monday with all its lascivious revelations, was there any doubt that the man was sick and needed professional help.  It was already patently obvious to most Americans that this was not normal behavior, even for members of Congress.  But Weiner remained in denial along with most of Democratic leadership. The former hoping the whole sordid mess would blow over if he upped the bravado, while the latter just crossed their fingers and dropped the decision of his resignation into the laps of his constituents and his family, namely his wife, Huma.  Unfortunately for everyone, Anthony and Huma are not Bill and Hill.

It was finally the exchanges between Weiner and the 17-year old girl that pushed everyone over the cliff, despite Weiner’s assurances and protestations that there was nothing “explicit or indecent.”  When you’re in hot water, the temperature doesn’t have to be boiling, for you to know your goose is cooked.

My beef with Wiener (no pun intended) regarding this entire sordid mess was not the fact that he offered that pathetic hacking lie to his constituents, colleagues and the entire country for over a week.   No, my outrage was reserved for his disrespect for women.  Period.

Memories.  I was about 28 at the time and working as a commodity buyer of a large corporation.  Every year we’d have our annual department meetings, and one year, a director got totally drunk and was all over me.  I kept unraveling myself and pushing him away, each time more forcefully.  What I remember most?  The VP sitting in a nearby chair with his bourbon, laughing.   He didn’t do anything to help me nor did he a stop his director’s neanderthal behavior.  That was the “A ha”  moment for me.   This was not the first time I had to put up with his behavior of innuendo and smirks, but this incident was the worst.   I was zzzzis far away from going to HR, only to be told by another dept. director, “you’ll ruin your career; don’t do it.”  How many other women have heard that before.

You may ask what’s the difference between Weiner’s behavior and Bill Clinton’s, or Sanford, Craig, Foley, Schwarzenegger, etc.  Well, to single out Clinton, since Weiner’s wife, Huma, works for Hillary, Clinton was a philanderer, Weiner’s a pervert.  His inflated, narcissistic behavior, both verbal and visual, demeaned the women he tweeted, not to mention his female colleagues in Congress,  his wife, and women in general.  And to quote part of the article in the NY Times, June 11,

“As the party has tried to react, the voices of female Democratic leaders seem to have carried special weight.

Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, issued a statement saying, “The behavior he has exhibited is indefensible and Representative Weiner’s continued service in Congress is untenable.”

It’s about time.

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