“Character Matters”

Two words uttered during a Presidential campaign in 1992.  Two words with as much relevance for some, or as little for others, almost 19 years later.

At yesterday’s press conference, Anthony Weiner vowed not to resign.  He’s hoping to ride out the storm.  After all, the 2012 election is 17 month away, and voters have short memories.  Haven’t many columnists and pundits already pointed out, “it’s for the voters to decide”.  From my point of view, it’s not “for the voters to decide”, it’s for Weiner to decide.  He should resign.  Now.

Weiner’s egregious behavior these last 10 days and his tearful press conference yesterday clearly display that he has serious problems.  Not only political, but morally and mentally.   Some might call his political problems Potomac Fever.  Weiner has risen very quickly to the top of his party, becoming their national mouthpiece, running offense or defense as needed on several important issues.   So when he tells us that he is not resigning because, in his view, he doesn’t believe he broke the law nor used government resources in sending the messages, the message he’s sending us is how really amoral he is.  And that’s the problem, not only for him, but for us.

We elect people to public office under the guise that they represent us, or in other words, they’re “one of us”.  That diversity of views and opinions is represented by Congress, as we see daily what plays in Brooklyn, doesn’t necessarily play in Peoria.  But where we should all hold common ground is how we want to be represented by those whom we elect.  And that’s why character matters.

Weiner sent lewd photos of himself to several women, and then when the first photo became public, he took the absurd approach saying his Twitter account was hacked into.  Was he so full of hubris or was he so ignorant of everything digital that he thought he was to be believed.  As the story continued to unravel, we further witnessed his character (cowardly) as he allowed friends and colleagues to come to his defense.  Only when the latest photos were published and scandal uncontained, was Weiner forced to come out of his Fuhrerbunker and finally admit his guilt and cover-up.

Weiner should resign and use his time to seek counseling and repair his relationship with his wife, whom he utterly humiliated.  If he overcomes this defeat, and climbs back to the top of his party in the future, then he’ll be able to say, ‘character matters.”


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