The US’ Russian “Reset” Button … A Gift that keeps on Giving

The US’ Russian “Reset” Button … A Gift that keeps on Giving

If you’re a follower of geo-political relations between the US and Russia, then you’ve probably been following this latest in a series of Russian “tests.”  It seems that the Russians are aggressively operating their submarines

Morning Wakeup Call for March 2, 2015: Harry Reid’s still in control; Feinstein’s an ostrich; Russia Bullies More than Ukraine; and more

Starting the day and the month with a new column, daily I hope :-), with news, articles and my Political Woman POV. Harry Reid still runs the Senate  We elected Republicans to the House and

Putin’s Russian Bear meets Obama’s Paper Tiger

Presidents Barack Obama and Dmitri Medvedev

We are now Day 4 into the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Kerry’s in Kiev for crisis talks, the National Security Council has met with the President, and we await, without bated breath, for more

Vlad the Impaler, Russian Style

Remember when shortly before he left on his August vacation, Barack Obama commented about Russian President Vladimir Putin, “he looks like the bored kid you’d find at the back of the classroom.”  Mr. Putin

A Vacuum of Leadership: the President’s un-Syriaous speech

I’ve had time to digest the President’s speech on the Syria crisis from yesterday evening.  Count me among those who think this was one of the strangest speeches to date, from anyone on any

Syria. One more link in Obama’s plan of decline for America

The week before President Obama’s first inauguration he said, “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming America.”  He was right.  Five years into his term of office, for Barack Obama Syria is the

Noon Musings for Friday, March 30, 2012

I’m late.  Up since 3:15am working on a presentation. Snippets, tidbits, and commentary on issues and current events I couldn’t pass up. Israel will do what it has to to survive and protect its population.  I’m sure