Week in Review: Coming to terms with ‘what just happened?’

The Constitution took a major hit this week as America’s quest for social justice gets reinterpreted yet again, not by the electorate, or the rule of law, but instead by nine men and women

Morning Wakeup Call for Thurs, March 5: Hillary’s Icarus Problem; SCOTUS’ Swingers

It’s all things Hillary and SCOTUS today: It’s getting to look more and more like Hillary’s becoming a blast from the past.  The National Journal’s Ron Fournier writes, Hillary Clinton Just Doesn’t Get It, and

Morning Wakeup Call for Wednesday, March 4: Obamacare redux at SCOTUS; Hillary pilloried; Ben Carson explores; Bibi warns

Today’s the day for a second round of Obamacare at the Supreme Court and more A wake-up call for the Republicans in Congress, such as they are given the DHS debacle.  Once again outmaneuvered by