After today’s pivotal election – Obama unleashed?

While media pundits, politicians and political junkies are concentrating on today’s election, I’m concentrating on the election aftermath.  Making an assumption that the House will remain in Republican control, and that the Senate goes

Morning Coffee Break: Christopher Columbus; immigration form; teenagers in the White House; IMF’s Lagarde joins the disinvited elite

Now’s here two questions for a reporter to ask for the next man-on-the-street interview, who was Christopher Columbus and what was the name of his ship?  The next question is how many people will

What if 20 million Americans took to the streets in protest

While watching the live feed from Cairo yesterday it got me thinking, what if 20 million Americans came out into the streets of its major cities, or in the capital, to protest Obamacare, IRS

Washington moves on, while America’s enemies watch, wait, and learn

Dana Milbank’s column in Wednesday’s Washington Post discusses the muted response of the pols to the Boston Marathon bombing, and how the conversation on both the House and Senate floors now moves on and back to

Missing from the Immigration Debate: Mexican Drug Cartels operating inside the US

The high profile murders of Texas District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia, along with the murder of Kaufman County, TX Assistant DA Mark Hasse and Colorado prison chief, Tom Clements, brings to