Barack Obama and his ‘I don’t care’ presidency

Listening to the some of the reactions from reporters and media commentators over recent events, specifically, the downing of flight MH17 over Ukraine and the ground invasion of Gaza by the Israelis, many of

D-Day 1944 / 1984 / 2014 — An image is worth a thousand words

D-Day 1944 / 1984 / 2014 — An image is worth a thousand words

1944 – A Hero   1984 – A Leader   2014 – A “Fill-in-the-blank”     H/T Weasel Zippers:

Putin’s Russian Bear meets Obama’s Paper Tiger

Presidents Barack Obama and Dmitri Medvedev

We are now Day 4 into the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Kerry’s in Kiev for crisis talks, the National Security Council has met with the President, and we await, without bated breath, for more

Vlad the Impaler, Russian Style

Remember when shortly before he left on his August vacation, Barack Obama commented about Russian President Vladimir Putin, “he looks like the bored kid you’d find at the back of the classroom.”  Mr. Putin

A Vacuum of Leadership: the President’s un-Syriaous speech

I’ve had time to digest the President’s speech on the Syria crisis from yesterday evening.  Count me among those who think this was one of the strangest speeches to date, from anyone on any

Syria. One more link in Obama’s plan of decline for America

The week before President Obama’s first inauguration he said, “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming America.”  He was right.  Five years into his term of office, for Barack Obama Syria is the

The Silent Tragedy Behind Trayvon Martin – Part 2

It was little over a year ago in the wake of ongoing media histrionics when I wrote “The Silent Tragedy Behind Trayvon Martin.”  I suggested that President Obama was that “silent tragedy” for not

The debate tonight: will Obama have a Mitt-fit or will Republicans have a misfit?

The night we’ve all been waiting for, all of us, that is, for whom this election’s outcome meets the criteria of a “matter of life or death.”   With all the run-up to the

If Romney wins in Nov, it will be in spite of himself and his campaign

The homestretch of the campaign season has now been reduced to waiting for the real Mitt to show up, and more to point, if the real Mitt shows up.  The number of wasted opportunities

Iran: another Libya in the making — or worse?

It’s old news about the President’s missed intel briefings the week before and the day after the US Libyan Embassy bombing and murders, but while he’s just off his David Letterman gig, and Beyonce/Jay-Z