“The mess I inherited” – will Mitt Romney also say these words?

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” is more than an apt expression for the upcoming final weeks of the 2012 election cycle.  For those of us political junkies, or for people who have never been

The Romney & Obama campaigns — Marquess of Queensbury meets Al Capone, so far

Having grown up with the Chicago-style hard ball politics recently exemplified this past week by the attacks on Romney’s Bain years and demands for his tax returns, I have to admit that David Axelrod is

Digesting the Week’s News a.k.a. Voters have Memories

This has been a very busy week in politics for us voters out here in America who have been listening and watching.  And for all you politicians and pundits, make no mistake, we are. On

Loss of wealth. Loss of security. What’s behind the election of 2012.

For the first time, I’m beginning to truly believe that my parents had a better life than their daughter has and will have.  Think about it, my parents, your parents, your grandparents, who came

First there was Hillary, now we have David — with friends like these….

Well, who would have thought.  David Axelrod.  I was watching Fox News Sunday, and leave it to  Chris Wallace to ask “the Axe” some of the toughest questions he’s had to face so far

Mitt’s Next Move – Staff’s Mandatory Reading of “The Art of War”

Mitt’s Next Move – Staff’s Mandatory Reading of “The Art of War”

As Sun Tzu wrote, “keep your plan as dark as the night/when you move/be as unpredictable as the thunderbolt.” I’m one of those Illinoisians who voted in the March primary for Mitt and gave him

Morning Musings for Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today, it’s about the IRS, Obamacare, and the real unemployment numbers. The IRS is a necessary (said grudgingly) agency, but disliked and unloved.  The only issue that I’m currently finding more egregious than than the

Santorum hopes for a political miracle

(h/t Politico).  Well, I suppose if you believe in miracles, and this is Holy Week…but Santorum’s refusal to accept the inevitable, surrounded by people who are supporting this delusion, continues to astound me.  It’s no

POTUS vs. SCOTUS – Obama’s Gross Miscalculation

POTUS vs. SCOTUS – Obama’s Gross Miscalculation

It’s all over the blogosphere that we are aghast by the disrespectful comments made by the President of the United States with regard to a standing case before the Supreme Court, on Monday in

Game on. The player who could throw that Hail Mary pass in November

Game on. The player who could throw that Hail Mary pass in November

Yesterday evening I watched Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor, and his “No Spin Zone” featured  Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Timothy Cardinal Dolan of New York, the foremost Catholic prelate in the country.  Cardinal Dolan has