Morning Wakeup Call for Wednesday, March 4: Obamacare redux at SCOTUS; Hillary pilloried; Ben Carson explores; Bibi warns

Today’s the day for a second round of Obamacare at the Supreme Court and more A wake-up call for the Republicans in Congress, such as they are given the DHS debacle.  Once again outmaneuvered by

Morning Wakeup Call for March 3: Bibi speaks, Hillary emails, Barack’s next power grab

Greetings from snowy Chicagoland.   As we pour that morning cup of coffee, tea, or whatever…. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before AIPAC yesterday, drawing distinct contrasts between a world leader and the present

Morning Wakeup Call for March 2, 2015: Harry Reid’s still in control; Feinstein’s an ostrich; Russia Bullies More than Ukraine; and more

Starting the day and the month with a new column, daily I hope :-), with news, articles and my Political Woman POV. Harry Reid still runs the Senate  We elected Republicans to the House and