The Passing of Fidel – Two perspectives from a sitting president and a president-elect

During the early 90’s, I lived and worked in Moscow and traveled throughout the former Soviet Union. As I witnessed the ravages of 70+ years of Communism, I remembered Kissinger’s comment, “Russia is a

The US’ Russian “Reset” Button … A Gift that keeps on Giving

The US’ Russian “Reset” Button … A Gift that keeps on Giving

If you’re a follower of geo-political relations between the US and Russia, then you’ve probably been following this latest in a series of Russian “tests.”  It seems that the Russians are aggressively operating their submarines

The 60 Minutes interview of President Obama … what we’ve learned

The 60 Minutes interview of President Obama … what we’ve learned

So I return after a brief job-related hiatus, and what do I find … Bowe Bergdahl’s back in the news (another post) and President Obama entangles himself with and fails to impress Steve Kroft during

When ideology replaces foreign policy – receding US leadership on the world stage and its consequences – Part I, The Middle East

With the recent Administration ballyhoo over a nuclear agreement with Iran, one that has most lawmakers, media pundits and global policy wonks ranking the actual number of concessions made to Iran on a scale from

About those Iran sanctions, Mr. President

One of the major selling points about the Iranian nuclear framework agreement being touted by the President is that should, repeat should, the Iranians cheat on the agreement, sanctions could be reinstated against them.

US and Iran Nuclear Framework – Who’s Spinning Who?

It’s un-American, that’s what it is.  US Senators and others criticizing the Obama/Kerry brokered Iranian nuclear framework deal.  As hawkish Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) goes on record that Secretary of State John Kerry was

PM pick me up for Monday, March 16: when terrorists are not terrorists; the guns of Ivy

News and commentary from Political Woman: Iran, Hezbollah (and Syria) – the Administration’s new BFFs The unclassified version of the Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Communities, dated February 25, 2015 (h/t The Times of

Obama’s Munich

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepares for his speech before the US Congress on Tuesday morning, Obama’s negotiations with Iran continue down a potential course of no return, for the United States and

“Was blind, but now I see.” Amazing Grace has yet to find Barack Obama.

The cover of the today’s NY Post says it all.  From the President himself, to his minions in the State Department and the Dept. of Homeland Security, the blindfolds are on, the ear plugs

Ceding World Leadership – One Terror Attack at a Time

In October 2008, then candidate Barack Obama promised that if he was elected, he would fundamentally transform America.  At least that’s one promise he’s keeping. President Obama’s decision to not attend the Sunday rally in