Harry and Meghan – The Sussex Denouement … or The Monarchy’s?

The media and public dissect as to whether the Queen capitulated (and why?) to Sussex demands, or has the 67+ years on the throne shown Elizabeth II, even at 93, to be a calm, uncanny, long-game chess player.

Virginia is Ground Zero in the War on Gun Control

(courtesy of VCDL Facebook)

When Democrats won control of both houses of the Virginia legislature November 5, 2019, Virginia gun owners got a rude wake-up call.  Now that wake-up call is spreading to gun-owners throughout the rest of the 49

The Perversion of Impeachment (and our Democracy)

(Political-woman.com was on hiatus for almost two years, the reason being  that  my writing could come back to bite me in my employment.  Now, I don’t need to worry about that any more —