Hillary Clinton worries about the middle class – the beginning of a campaign fable

As Mrs. Clinton embarks on her 2016 quest for the Presidency, we’re learning about her campaign strategy and demographic targets.  She’s w/speorried about you and me, and what’s to become of us, and our

Hillary’s fundraising campaign targets $2.5 billion – so what happened to Citizens United

Remember all the Democrats who were always blasting the Supreme Court Citizens United decision, how elections were bought by corporate money, and let’s not forget the nefarious, corrupt, devious Koch brothers.  Now we have

Valerie Jarrett, Hillary may have the last laugh

So we learn this morning from The New York Post, that Valerie Jarrett leaked to the press Hillary Clinton’s use of a the private email address.  The reasons given for the leak: “Last fall, during

It’s Over, Hillary

Hillary and Bill Clinton have always had what can be termed as an “Icarus” problem.  Through their years in the political office, the scandals swirled around them, but seemingly failed to engulf them:  Jennifer

Retrofit Mitt

From the flurry of news articles about another Romney bid for the Presidency in 2016, with The Wall Street Journal editorial board referring to his bid as “Romney Recycled” and the polar opposite Washington Post