The Democrats go “Wild”erness

Democrats' self-inflicted landscape

Democrats’ self-inflicted landscape

The Democrats latest foray into disruptive silliness played out Monday at the Electoral College.  I use the term silliness, rather than some other tectonic term, because the Democratic party has ceased to be a party that can, or should be taken seriously in its present state.

Leading up to November 8, the Democratic party and its legions of progressives found in every walk of life, was convinced of absolute, undeniable victory.  But then, the legions came up against the populist Trojan Horse and those invincible legions now look more like Babes in Toyland.

Fed the latest spoons of pablum of Russian hacking and fake news by their leaders who remain in denial that the unthinkable happened, the progressive wing of the Democratic party and their minions laid siege to the members of the Electoral College as their last hope to de-legitimize the upcoming Trump presidency.  Luck was not on their side, but karma was.

This 2016 election was historic for a number of reasons which the Democrats have failed to grasp, or at the minimum, grasp publicly.  Gone not only is the Presidency from their grasp, but the Senate and House remain in Republican hands.  Since Barack Obama became President, the Democrats have lost over 1000 seats nationally, from state legislatures to governorships.  Thank you Democratic party for being the gift that keeps on giving.

Now that the Trump presidency is a certainty, barring unforeseen events, his recent Cabinet picks foreshadow more meltdowns and migraines across campuses of America.  Those students who graduated during the last eight years of the Obama presidency, and are working the midnight warehouse shift or the 4am barista shift may have a slightly different take on current events.  Should the GDP under Trump start moving into the 4% plus annual growth zone, and jobs become available that will enable these under-employed to finally move out of their parents’ basements, we may see an entirely new voting bloc come into being for 2018-2020.

However, for now, we have to deal with Podesta-the-enabler blame game of Russian hackers and FBI back-stabbers.  Interesting that the Russians leave their fingerprints all over the Podesta emails and Wikileaks, but yet James Comey in his July statement on the email server investigation, said that FBI couldn’t find any direct evidence, nor did they expect to, when he said with 100% certainty that they believed Hillary Clinton’s email server was hacked.

The party that once gave America Roosevelt, JFK and Humphrey, has dissolved into the craziness that even the likes of McGovern and Mondale would feel uncomfortable with.  Safe spaces are necessary for traumatized students who can’t deal with every day life, Shakespeare’s portrait and works are no longer relevant because he’s a dead white man, people are bigots if they happen to believe in marriage between a man and woman, or, because they believe gender bathrooms are appropriate, and racist if they disagree with Barack Obama’s policies or support their local law enforcement.  Is there any wonder why some people, who are holding two jobs to make ends meet when six years earlier prior to Obamacare, they only needed one, would vote for a return to sanity over more of the same?

Now the Left-on-steroids is setting their sights on coming to Washington to disrupt the inauguration.   As recent comments by Michelle Obama to Oprah Winfrey regarding going from hope to hopeless portend,

“Because we feel the difference now.  See, now we are feeling what not having hope feels like, you know. Hope is necessary. It is a necessary concept. What do you give your kids if you can’t give them hope?”

we can only hope that she will refrain from going back into grudge mode, and her husband, in particular, will refrain from going back into “organizer” mode.  From all appearances, that kind of hope remains elusive to date.

So on to 2017, and more teeth-gnashing and teeth-baring, the latter most likely coming from someone like Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren.  “Chuckles” Schumer will do his part trying to scare seniors, and yet-to-be-named other legislators and bureaucrats will do their parts to disrupt and damage attempts to put science back into climate discussions, open pipelines and drilling sites to ensure American energy independence, make tax reform sensible, healthcare really affordable, and school choice a reality not a dream.

The Democrats were hit by a tidal wave of disgust the likes of which they haven’t seen in quite a while.  Until members of the Democratic Party, and it will have to start at the local levels, absolve themselves of the crazies that took over their party, they’re in for a long stretch in the weeds.  And after eight years of Obama, those weeds are looking pretty good right now.



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