Romney Brouhaha

The battle for Secretary of State  in the Trump Administration appears to have gotten wilder.  Today, we learn that President-elect Trump is “furious” over campaign manager Kellyanne Conway’s recent bashing of Mitt Romney over the national media airwaves.  Governor Romney, as everyone is aware, is one of the leading candidates for the prominent Cabinet position.

President-elect Trump's first meeting with former Gov. Mitt Romney (Boston Globe)

President-elect Trump’s first meeting with former Gov. Mitt Romney (Boston Globe)

Among those being considered who at least have a ghost of a chance, (including former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani, former UN Ambassador John Bolton, and potentially former General David Petraeus,) Romney is the leading candidate in the brouhaha category, with the Trump transition team in lock-up caused by Romney and his comments during the campaign.  Having listened to Romney at the time, then followed by talk radio callers, it’s no surprise that Romney’s name has elicited the vehemence it has in some of the more conservative circles.

Earlier this year when Romney made those comments, he was one of hundreds of people in the so-called Republican establishment, who believed that not only couldn’t Trump win the election, but that he would relegate their beloved Republican Party into also-ran status for decades to come.   Fast forward eight months later, and those hundreds are collectively eating crow.

But why the brouhaha.  The campaign is over.  And to use the commonly known phrase, “politics make strange bedfellows,” it should be no surprise that Trump is talking to Romney about this Cabinet position.  Trump is approaching his Cabinet choices as a business decision.  Trump’s objective is to assemble the strongest team he can, because he’ll need that team to clean up the worldwide mess that the current President (and former Secretary of State) has left us.  This is not a time to play politics

Yes, Romney has used some pretty strong language in his critique of Trump.  However, Trump wasted no words about Romney’s performance during the 2012 campaign, when he said of Romney, “he choked.”  Which he did.  Trump knows it, Romney knows it, and mostly every person who voted for Romney in 2012 knows it.  And Romney, has to live with that fact that cost him the White House.

If for just one moment, Romney’s actions and comments of the past year were put aside, as in they never took place, I would venture to guess that we would not be having as virulent a conversation about Romney as a potential Cabinet pick.  Go back to Romney’s moment about Russia during his 2012 debate with Obama:

and yes, Romney was right, not only about Russia and Putin, but Iran as well. It is this kind of foreign policy experience, coupled with coolness that Trump needs at the State Department.  What Romney also has going for him is that he’s a businessman, and understands the art of negotiation with the outcomes that are needed to create that win-win situation.

As of this writing, Trump and Romney will be meeting again for the second time at the President-elect’s request.  Trump has excellent instincts about people and again, the team he needs to “make America great again.”  His Cabinet choices so far have been superb.  Let’s trust him on this one as well, no matter who he picks.

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