Hillary and the Recount – Where does Entitlement End?

To say that the Clinton presidential loss was a bruising defeat is the understatement of understatements.  Running for, and winning the Presidency of the United States, was a lifetime goal of Hillary Clinton.  Losing in an electoral college landslide was not even a remote possibility.  And yet, she’s home in Chappaqua, and Donald Trump is president-elect.

In hindsight, neither Clinton nor her campaign minions, saw the tsunami of the “average Joe, average Jane’s” discontent.  That discontent was fueled by years of watching the little guy losing to special interests of crony capitalism, having to hold two jobs instead of one to pay for Obamacare premiums and out-of-pocket deductibles, the Justice Department’s willful blindness to illegal immigration, and people tired of being called racists and bigots because they happened to disagree with transgender bathrooms, to name just a few.

Throughout the campaign, the polls indicated that Clinton’s biggest problem was that she was not trustworthy.  During the final debate, we have this moment when Chris Wallace asked Trump if he would honor the results of the election if he lost, and he replied, “I will look at it at the time.  I am not looking at it now,” Hillary then shot back, that she was horrified.

Apparently, not so horrified now, when she’s the one who lost.  Being the total hypocrite and doing nothing, saying nothing to stem the outbursts and protests during the last several weeks, Hillary apparently gave her assent to the Clinton campaign electing to join Jill Stein in a two state recount, Michigan and Wisconsin, having missed the Pennsylvania deadline of November 21 to request a recount.  To paraphrase The New York Times covering this story, there’s not a snowball’s chance of the recount changing the electoral college results.  Instead, the Campaign is joining the effort to ensure that “hacking by Russia or other irregularities had not affected the results.”  This, in addition to some Democrats, on her behalf, sending letters to strong-arm members of the electoral college to vote for Hillary.

First off, there is no evidence that any of the hacking of State Dept. emails or the Podesta emails, was done by Russia.  That was pure Clintonian spin on a losing situation.

What then is the point.  Are we witnessing the quintessential sore loser.  Reportedly, the night of November 8 when she lost the election she was supposed to win, she had a Hillary-style meltdown, similar to what Secret Service agents frequently experienced when she was First Lady.

As the days pass, and Hillary passes through those Kubler-Ross “grief stages,” Hillary’s desire to still thwart Trump is done by merely questioning the legitimacy of the election.  Karma found Hillary in 2016, but given that Hillary herself has always picked herself up from the political body slams, if her health still holds, don’t put it past her to think of running again in 2020.  The Clintons still control the DNC, and are master schmoozers with much of Hollywood and Silicon Valley, their own personal ATM.  Truth is stranger than fiction, especially when it involves Hillary Clinton’s obsession with the White House.




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