RNC – Not so Convention-al Perspectives

Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald J. Trump (Slate.com)

Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald J. Trump (Slate.com)

The Republican National Convention is now history.   “The Donald” has spoken (well, yelled mostly), and was introduced by his daughter, Ivanka, one of his most stalwart and strongest supporters.

With all the brouhaha over this convention, from both the conservative and mainstream media, it’s taken me some days to digest all of it before I weigh in from the Midwest, on some of the more notable moments.

  1. Rules Committee voice vote on releasing bound delegates (Monday):  According to the media and other conservative websites, this was a nom de guerre.  From someone who has been a convention-watching junkie since 1968, this was, quite frankly, yawn.  These floor fights go hand in glove with typical national conventions, with the exception that in the conventions dating from ~2000 through 2012, where there has been a dearth of excitement that these floor fights bring.  The last good fight was 1976 when Reagan took on Ford.  But then most reporters covering the 2016 convention weren’t even born prior to 1980, so how do they possibly have any context.
  2. Melania Trump’s speech:  To the millions of Americans watching this speech, they saw a composed, attractive, teleprompter-reading, thrust-into-being-a-political-wife, Melania Trump.  Given the choice between an almost drooling, yellow-toothed former President, and a Fifth Avenue, Playboy? fashion model, I know whom I would prefer to watch and listen to.  Actually, Melanie Trump is quite educated, and has a good head on her shoulders.  Given these plagiarism cries, may I point out, that Melania is in good company.  Much ado about nothing; must have been a slow news day.
  3. Mayor Rudy Guiliani’s speech:  Another take-it-to-Hillary moment, full of red meat, by a man who practically brought New York City back from the brink single-handedly.  However, by the middle of the speech, my ears were ringing and I had to turn down the volume, asking myself, don’t these men know how to give a speech without yelling at us?
  4. The Trump children:  Every single speech the four children (Donald Jr, Eric, Tiffany and Ivanka) gave, was articulate and well-delivered.  Not nervous by the lights and cameras, the home-run for me was actually Donald, Jr., who said he’d consider a career in politics after his children are grown.  For all the #NeverTrump out there, if he was that bad, he wouldn’t have the kind of children that he does.  Anyone who raised four children like those we saw (yes, and kudos to the mothers as well) can’t be that bad.  And no, Hitler wasn’t a father, that we know.
  5. Senator Ted Cruz’s speech:  There’s something about this man that doesn’t ring true.  He calls himself a “Constitutionalist” and yet, he voted for the Cornyn amendment during the Iran nuclear deal vote in the Senate, that totally upended the Constitution.  He finds offense in Trump’s take-on of his wife and father, yet his PAC was the first to flash Playboy-style pictures of Melania Trump.  Next, he puts an ad campaign out on the airwaves where he and his wife Heidi, surround their two little girls as they read some politically-themed children’s book, meaning, he’s using his small children in his political ad campaigns.  What a dad!.  Anyone who was raised on Chicago and Illinois politics knows the down and dirty, so Ted should have sucked it up and put on his big boy pants.  This vote your conscience is BS at its finest.  It’s all about Ted, and yes, he holds a grudge.  As for Donald, he’s a bit Machiavellian, don’t you think.
  6. Donald Trump’s speech:  Admittedly, I had to turn him off after a while.  Like Rudy, I don’t like being yelled at.  However, there were a number of moments from his long-time Democrat days that just might resonate with a lot of folk out there.  Anyone who has watched their housing values sink and yet to be recovered, who hasn’t had a decent raise in eight years, who is now holding two jobs instead of one because Obamacare cut back weekly hours to 30 from 40, or who might be working in the coal industry, or for Carrier or Disney and see their job go south to Mexico, or replaced by HB-1 visa holders, respectively, there is a reason you’re voting for Trump.  People who refer to Trump as a fascist or Nazi, are too young to know what living under fascism and the Nazis was like.  Those few still alive who do remember usually say Trump is no fascist.

So there you have it, and now onwards to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, already seen by some as a certified mess due to the Wikileaks email release.  Next week, at this time, we’ll have a rundown of that convention, unless I can’t contain myself, and have to report sooner.  Can’t wait to see cadaverous Bill on stage.  And the Dems are already doing damage control, by bringing onto the speakers’ podium, Michael Brown’s mother et al.  Only after a letter from the head of the Philadelphia police officers’ union, are the Dems hurriedly inviting families of slain police officers.  If I were the union chief, I’d have kept quiet and let the audience figure it out for themselves.

Should be entertaining.

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