Bye-bye, Debbie. The End has Justified the Means.

Soon to be former DNC chairperson, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Getty)

Soon to be former DNC chairperson, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Getty)

Three words:  There.  Is.  Justice.

Three more words:  Thank-you, Wikileaks.

After a long tumultuous tenure as Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairperson, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is resigning, due to her role in, and tacit approval of, the rigging by various figures within the DNC to  cook the primaries, and the entire delegate selection process in favor of Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders.  Ms. Wasserman-Schultz has long had a commonly known problem called, “diarrhea of the mouth,” however, the mouth was usually aimed at Republicans, and not her fellow Democrats.

However, that suddenly changed when Wikileaks leaked almost 20,000 hacked emails from the DNC.  It appears that the female cabal atop the Committee, as in Wasseman-Schultz, and vice-chairs Donna Brazile, and Baltimore mayor, Stephanie Rawlings have been spear-heading the ‘it’s time for a woman president’ movement, regardless of what the voters were thinking or preferred in the Democratic primaries.  You always had to wonder how a woman (Hillary) could lose a primary, or come in second, and yet walk away with the largest share of delegates or a disproportionate amount.  Now we know why.  Ah, those super-delegates.

Ms. Wasserman-Schultz, has yet to hear from Madame Hillary, but then she mostly likely won’t.  She carried her water and did her part to ensure that Madame Hillary won the Democratic nomination, and now has effectively been thrown under the bus.  Another victim in the Clinton wreakage.

One has to ask, whether they, the DNC, actually thought they could get away with this.  After all, Bernie Sanders was nothing more than a gnat in the giant scheme of things.  And now that Hill has chosen Sen. Tim Kaine – D, VA, as her running mate, this convention looks like it’s going to be more entertaining than the Republican.  Between Hillary skating on the felony charges over her “extremely careless” handling of classified emails found on her server, to Tim Kaine, while Governor of Virginia, taking gifts of value in excess of what former Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife were found guilty of, this entire election year is going to be one thrill ride after another.

Poor Debbie.  Poor, poor Debbie.  How embarrassing.  How humiliating.  How frightful.  How delightful!



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