I dare you ….. I double dare you … the politics of intimidation

Hillary and Barack --Cut from the same cloth

Hillary and Barack –Cut from the same cloth

Don’t you wish you could be a bug on the wall inside FBI Director James Comey’s office.  The Hillary and Barack version of BFF is the latest in the salvo known as “politics of intimidation.”   The Clintons must be reallllly be nervous, since they’re pulling out all stops to intimidate James Comey into not recommending an indictment, despite the evidence in hand.

Consider what has happened in just the last week alone:

  1. We learn that Brian Pagliano, the contractor who set up Hillary’s private email server, took the 5th 125 times during his FBI questioning.
  2. The House Special Committee releases its 800-page report on Benghazi, an investigation which encompassed 81 witnesses and over 75,000 pages of new documents.  Ed O’Connor, over at Hot Air, posted this exemplary piece with key highlights of the report.  Most famous among these highlights is the use of the YouTube video as the cause of the attack.   Clinton knew it was a planned attack as evidenced by her email to her daughter that night, and during a discussion with Egypt’s Prime Minister the following day.
  3. Attorney General Loretta Lynch lets herself be dragged into the gutter by former President Bill “Bubba” Clinton, when he delays his flight out of Phoenix, boards her jet and supposedly talks “grandchildren” with her for 30 minutes.  Even if that were the case, the damage has been done and AG Lynch now resides in the Clinton swamp.  Lynch next found herself embroiled in an ethics firestorm and tried to quell it by saying she was “expecting to accept the recommendation” from career DOJ prosecutors and the FBI director, while not recusing herself, and later changing “expect to accept” to “review the recommendations.”   Unfortunately, we all know there is nothing spontaneous when it comes to Bubba, politics, and optics.  Betting the house that Hillary knew what Bubba was intending, in fact, she probably sent him.
  4. Hillary’s interviewed July 3rd (while 95% of Americans are tuned out for vacation) for 3-1/2 hours by eight FBI investigators.  Some in the legal arena have opined that this is not long for a case of this magnitude, but one can surmise that after all the months spent on this case, the investigators knew exactly what they wanted to zero in on, and more substantive questions were probably asked on Saturday than when Hillary was grilled for almost 11 hours by the House Benghazi Committee.
  5. In at matter of zzzzzisss much time after the FBI interview, CNN “leaks” that their sources in the DOJ and FBI say that there will not be an indictment, however, that was quickly walked back to “depending upon Clinton’s statements during the FBI interview.”  More not-so-subtle pressure.
  6. The President announces his first campaign appearance with Hillary in North Carolina.  Forever “campaigner-in-chief”, this man will not let go of his “third term,” via Clinton, nor the spotlight (in other words, we’re stuck with him inserting himself into the national discourse until he dies, or does a “Ronald Reagan.”)  Another not-so-subtle “what don’t you understand, Jim” pressure point.
  7. Hillary implies that she’ll keep AG Loretta Lynch in her Administration as well, so that we’re all a nation of diversity and inclusion.  Yes, her Cabinet will reflect the nation of demographics first, competency can follow as an also-ran.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Independence Day 2016.  No one is naive enough to believe that our Founding Fathers were without blemish, or did not employ political machinations to achieve their personal and/or political goals.  However, their goals, collectively, we see embodied in the Declaration of Independence, and later in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Whether you’re Republican or Democrat or Independent, you have to agree with Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus’ comment, “Hillary Clinton has just taken the unprecedented step of becoming the first major party presidential candidate to be interviewed by the FBI as part of a criminal investigation.”

And so it goes.   Will James Comey indict or cave?  The politics of intimidation … it worked on Chief Justice John Roberts, right?

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