Hillary Clinton, the Democrats’ Nixon

Earlier this week, Rasmussen published their latest poll on Hillary, where they found that an incredible 50% of US likely voters think that Hillary should continue her campaign for the Presidency even if she is indicted for a felony over her handling of the State Department emails.  What’s more, 71% of Democrat voters believe she should keep running until a court determines her guilt or innocence.   Seriously?

The State Department OIG released its damning report of Secretary Clinton’s private email server amid her sycophantic staff’s attempts to band-aid the encroaching scandal.   It’s not a coincidence that both Cheryl Mills and three other zzzisss close senior Clinton staffers lawyered-up with the same counsel as they’re interviewed by the FBI.

One wants to believe that if the Democrats had a viable candidate other than Bernie Sanders in the race, Hillary would have already been pitched overboard, much like what happened back in 2008.   But since we have to wait for the Biden-Warren ticket to pick the right time to appear as the medicated alternative for the masses, the Democrats are stuck with a choice between an aging hippie-socialist and “crooked Hillary” who never took a position that didn’t change countless times to fit the latest popular narrative.

Unlike Nixon, who at least resigned under threat of indictment and impeachment, Hillary, will fight on knowing that the DOJ and White House has her back.  So we have Trump on the Republican side, and Clinton on the Democratic.  It’s in the eyes of the beholder who’s worse.

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