The Hillary and Bernie Show

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders - Democratic National Debate, Las Vegas, NV 10/13/15

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders – Democratic National Debate, Las Vegas, NV 10/13/15

After last night’s Democratic debate, the take-away is who will be left standing for the last three debates before the Iowa Caucus February 1 and the New Hampshire primary February 9.  It’s probably a safe bet that Lincoln Chafee will slink off before he does more damage to himself, and Martin O’Malley, has put his best foot forward for, at minimum an Under-Secretary or Asst. Secretary position.  Jim Webb gave a couple of answers that appeared well thought out — his answers regarding the importance of the South China Sea, that all lives matter, is pro-gun for self-defense — but his whiny nature did nothing to help him with the audience, who were clearly to the Left of him.  I’m not sure if there’s room any more in the Democratic Party for a man of Webb’s standing.

Which leaves us with Hillary and Bernie.  With Bernie, we learned he honey-mooned in the Russia (you’re quite the romantic, Bernie); he wants the rich to pay more in taxes (nothing new there, class warfare has been around for eons and is one of the Democrats favorite memes); believes strongly in the income inequality/system is rigged (but doesn’t mention that most of America’s millionaires and billionaires are self made, not inherited wealth); he wants to extend Obamacare to illegal immigrants (only the working stiffs’ tax dollars are going to pay for it, but who’s counting and they’re already getting every freebie under the sun without even asking for it); thinks climate change is our most serious national security risk (him and President Obama); and he likes to harangue and scowl a lot.

With Hillary, we’ve learned that she considers herself a Washington outsider because she’s a woman.  Now that’s chutzpah.  Here’s Hillary pulling the “gender” card early on in the race, as if we thought she wouldn’t.  Of all the candidates on stage last night, she clearly came out the winner, outside of the debate moderator, Anderson Cooper, who clearly gave one of the best moderator/questioner performances we’ve seen thus far.  Hillary didn’t have to answer the email question at length because Bernie did her a favor and shut it down (keep that man in mind for an Ambassadorship to Russia, Hillary).  However, considering that the Administration is now walking back the President’s comments about Hillary’s emails not being a national security issue, we’re not through here.  Not by a long shot.

Hillary also spoke about supporting the God-given potential of every child, but failed to mention only those children who aren’t aborted, therefore Planned Parenthood was saved from an evening of in the spotlight.  Bottom line, Hillary was well-prepped, but we’ve come to expect no less from her, stayed on script, and didn’t have to face any hostile opponents or questioning.  We’re on to debate #2 in November, and guessing that Biden will be to her right or left.  Then we should really see a contrast and debate.

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