Last night’s marathon Republican debate

RepublicanDebate#2First off, for the October debate, can we get <11 candidates on stage, please. Half of those present must be trying for Cabinet posts in the next Administration because their appeal is to niche audiences.  I watched the earlier debate, and with four people on stage, you had at least insight into their opinions and strengths.  Lindsey Graham came out of his shell, and owns the foreign policy points.  Both he and Jindal belong on the main stage.

Trump – was not impressive last night. His facial expressions reminded me of Biden in ’12 and Gore in 2000.  Enough already.

Paul – should concentrate on his Senate race.

Walker – needs to put his big boy pants on; he’s lost in the crowd as well as his message.

Huckabee – should return to his TV show where he can make more of an impact.

Kasich – is middle-of-the-road, moderate, hoping to be last man standing. But we don’t need another Bob Dole.

Christie – had a good night.  His comparison of the construction worker vs. Trump and Fiorina was priceless and spot on.  But will his performance translate into poll numbers.

Cruz – needs more air time, and needs to project “self” into the debate, less mechanical.  We know he’s smart, now put human onto smart in front of a big audience, and be more of a commanding presence. People want to see leadership.

Carson – I’m sorry, I like the man, but can’t see him as President. He is empathetic, very well read, educated. I see why he appeals to people, but would he and we be better served if he held a Cabinet position.

Rubio – projects himself well, but is 2016 his time. Does he have the experience, or will he be the Rep. Obama, as in “in over his head.”

Fiorina – the contrast between her and Hillary is like the Grand Canyon.  She stands out more in a smaller group (why we need less people on stage). Trajectory upward at this point in time.

Bush – ugh. How long he can keep his big donors will dictate how long he stays in this race. Is anyone out there listening to him?  No “presence” at all. If he’s the Rep. nominee, we can hand 2016 to the Democrats.


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