ISIS vs. McKinley – At least we know the President’s priorities

Mt.McKinleyAnd with the sweep of a single pen stroke, our POTUS, once again through Executive Action, renames the highest peak in North America, Mt. McKinley as Mt. Denali.  Since 1896, when a gold prospector named the mountain in honor of then presidential candidate, Wm. McKinley, and later ratified by Congress in 1913, Mt. McKinley has well, been Mt. McKinley.  After all, what did McKinley do.  Just put the US on the gold standard resulting in the first of many economic booms in our history.

Earlier this year, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-AK, introduced legislation that would rename the mountain, and once again, the legislation went nowhere.  Yet the President once again finds another reason to thwart Congress in his “if they won’t act, I will” building of his legacy.  So rule by executive fiat continues. The latest reasoning for the switch is that Alaskans have wanted to rename the mountain for decades, since they internally refer to it as Denali.  Perhaps there is an equal number of people living in New York who would like to reinstate the name Idlewild for the JFK airport.  Quite frankly, the only mountain that has Obama’s name on it is our mountain of debt, $18 trillion and counting.

September marks the one-year anniversary of America’s war on ISIS as declared by our President.  How’s that war coming.  Well, what do you know.  What a difference a year makes.  The US finally got some support from the government of Turkey, who agreed to let us conduct strikes against ISIS from the airbase Incirlik.  However, there’s only so much F-16’s and drones can do without additional ground intelligence.  We pretty much took care of that part of the program when we left Iraq.

ISIS Control Zone, July 2014 (Institute for the Study of War)

ISIS Control Zone, July 2014 (Institute for the Study of War)

ISIS Control Zone_0715

ISIS Control Zone, July 2015 (Institute for the Study or War)

Meanwhile, the Pentagon is conducting its own investigation about the rosy assessments of our success against ISIS.  First reported by The New York Times,

“The paper reported that it began after at least one civilian Defense Intelligence Agency analyst told authorities that he had evidence that officials at US Central Command were improperly reworking conclusions of assessments prepared for policymakers, including President Barack Obama.”

Bottom line is that we’re finding out that for every ISIS leader we take out, he’s replaced quickly by others; the Iraqi troops’ training is not going well and falling behind schedule, with the Iraqis calling the shots, and all those rebel troops we’re training in Syria is another dismal turn of events, with some of the troops kidnapped or missing.

Within Europe, we have a humanitarian diaspora going on as hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees, soon to swell into what European Union governments fear will be millions are fleeing non-stop from North and sub-Sahara Africa, Syria, Afghanistan Iraq and other war zones.  European countries, long known for their generous welfare benefits, are now seeing the possibility of a complete demographic change within their own countries within one or two generations.  Germany and Sweden are two of the countries bearing the brunt of this massive migration.

Immigration route to Germany (BBC)

Immigration route to Germany (BBC)

Migrants by the numbers (Frontex/BBC)

Migrants by the numbers (Frontex/BBC)

But why is this important? Why should we care?

Because the spread of ISIS and the European immigration crisis is a direct result of the vacuum of American leadership in the Middle East.  Over 250,000 Syrians dead, millions displaced as the chemical weapons “red line” was crossed with no recrimination of any kind.

Americans murdered in Benghazi, Ghaddafi overthrown in Libya, and apparently no plan in place by the Administration for what could possibly come next.  A present day debacle.

We leave Iraq with no Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), and retiring US General Ray Odierno, one of the architects of “The Surge,” states unequivocally, the US could have prevented the rise of ISIS.

And as a result of this vacuum, we now witness the real war on women” the continuing medieval barbarism of ISIS, and the erasing of millenniums of history and historical artifacts.

Our politically correct American and European leaders play appeasement, while their countries, their citizens, and millions of displaced populations unseen since the Second World War, bear the brunt, with no end in sight.  Those who have not left their homes, out of choice or because they have none, are suffering unspeakable horrors.

Perhaps the President will perform another executive action — the Washington Redskins are ready and waiting.

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