Hillary’s incompetent at best, criminal at worst — should she fear Joe Biden?

Hillary Clinton should ditch the orange, Mao-inspired pantsuit for future campaign appearances; why tempt fate?  With her latest poll numbers plummeting into the depths faster than Moby took Ahab, she and her campaign have decided to interrupt her 2015 Martha’s Vineyard vacation to ground stomp in the Midwest, before her campaign goes onto life support.

Hillary Clinton's presser in Las Vegas (photo fr RedState)

Hillary Clinton’s presser in Las Vegas (photo fr RedState)

Consider her poll numbers from March 20 to August 19, Real Clear Politics average had her support at 57.7%; now five months later, her support has dropped to 49.3%.  To be even more dramatic, CNN/ORC had Clinton’s numbers in mid-March, at 62% and the last poll has her at 47%.  Sanders, for that same time period, has risen from 3% to 29%.

So why should she fear Biden entering the race and not Sanders?  Two words, Liz Warren.

Without a doubt, Hillary’s problems are of her own making, or rather hubris.  To think that it’s perfectly acceptable to have a private email account/server (and now there’s word there might have been two servers) because former Secretaries had them as well, belongs in the territory of two wrongs do not make a right.  Other Secretaries had private email accounts, but those were in addition to the email accounts on secure servers for government business.  Hillary, on the other hand, stated her email account had been used exclusively for government business for the four years she was Secretary of State.  As she has stated, she never sent or received “classified material” on her server.  Then where and on what did she receive and review the “classified” materials.  Defies credulity.

In addition to the above, we’ve also learned where the servers were kept, that the firm “wiping” the server never had security clearance, and that Hillary’s own lawyer, who recently handed over thumb drives with her emails, did not have the proper security clearance.

The question then posed, how dumb is this woman?  If she truly did not think this through, and we give her the benefit of the doubt, then she’s clearly an incompetent, at best, living off her husband’s name.  But if she’s as dumb as a fox, then she’s a criminal, who may nor may not be prosecuted, but will surely go down in ignominy, because she knowingly chose a server and email methodology that would keep not only keep the Clinton Foundation activities under wrap, but also her own shortcomings as Secretary of State.  Where this has backfired now, is that we’re finding 2015 versions of Jim and Susan McDougal don’t exist.  There may not be people willing to go to prison for Queen Hillary.

So, Hillary’s email problems continue to worsen, along with the fact that she’s terrible at one liners, especially the ones that will come back to haunt her.

The only people truly excited about her candidacy are herself, her campaign staff, Clinton Foundation donors, Emily’s List and the Hollywood/Silicon Valley crowd.  However, as Hillary’s candidacy continues to implode, “crazy uncle” Joe Biden is waiting in the wings.

While much is being written by the political class about how long it will take Biden to put together a ground game, campaign staff and raise money, who’s kidding who.  If Biden decides to run, the decision will be made in a much shorter timeframe than the five or six weeks currently touted.  If Biden says he’s in, he’ll peel off Clinton donors faster than a shipwrecked crew peels bananas on a desert island.

Biden recently visited with Liz Warren, our favorite fauxcahontas.  Sen. Warren has been very quiet about both Hillary and Bernie, but the probability of a Biden-Warren ticket could prove just the thing to get everyone in the Democratic base excited, while giving Republicans heartburn.  Sure “Uncle Joe” is in his early seventies, but hey, in the spirit of diversity and inclusion, that should not be held against him.  He’s still breathing, right?  And he’s endeared himself to generations with his gaffes.  He also is a throwback to the Democratic Party of your parents and grandparents, when the party stalwarts were the blue-collar voters.  Second, Liz Warren, also no youngster, will bring on board the women who’ll feel betrayed by Hillary being dumped, yet again, the younger, progressive crowd of millenials, who are living an anemic economic recovery, thinking this is normal, and some of Bernie Sanders’ Woodstock generation, who prefer government running peoples’ lives instead of personal responsibility.

Betting dollars to donuts, Hillary will NOT be the Democratic nominee for President.  As Martha Stewart would say, “it’s a good thing,” and we all know what happened to Martha.



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