Morning Musings for Friday, April 6, 2012

This morning we cover Hezbollah in the US, Syria and Iran, the Canada/Mexico flap, and veepstakes.

  • Hezbollah operatives within the United States over the past 10 years.  Iranians, under the cover of diplomatic immunity, photographing American infrastructure and nuclear power plants. Meanwhile US officials debate virulence of Iran-backed Hezbollah’s threat.   So in other words, how big a threat does a threat have to be before we take it seriously.  Ridiculous.
  • And then we turn to Syria.  After thousands of Syrian men, women and children have been massacred over the past year during our diplomatic efforts, first now we send them “communications equipment”. We should have been covertly aiding the Syrian rebels.  At least some US Senators get it.  Iran has been pouring aid and weapons into Syria.  If Assad’s regime prevails, Iran extends its influence from Afghanistan through Lebanon, via Hezbollah.  And the world ends up with a regional Iranian hegemony.  I’m sure Israel is thrilled.
  • And then we turn to our relations with Canada and Mexico.  (h/t Repair_Man_Jack @RedState). With Barack and Hilary in charge, by the time January 2013 comes around, we won’t have any allies left, much less a foreign policy.  And those gas prices, they’re low right now, compared to what we may be paying if Canada starts charging us at Saudi rates.
  • Let the veepstakes begin.  Politico’s article, “Rob Portman tops veepstakes“, also quotes Republican strategist, Mike Murphy as to his criteria, “One, somebody who can do the job and who the president’s comfortable with. Two, somebody who politically will not damage you. Three, somebody who might help you in a key state of constituency. Four, a team player who you can trust to have their political interests allied with yours. Fifth, somebody who’s been partially vetted by the media.”  It won’t be Rubio.

Coffee time!

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