Morning Musings for Sunday, April 1, 2012

Snippets, tidbits and commentary on issues and current events I couldn’t pass up.

  • Palin to Couric: Game On.  Looks like a ratings bonanza as Sarah Palin guest hosts Today on Tuesday. Is NBC trying to mend some fences after both msnbc and Today have been in the forefront of stoking the Trayvon Martin controvercy?
  • And then again, maybe not.  NBC’s Tom Brokaw appeared on the Chi-Comm new TV channel, CCTV, here in the US.
  • I’m a Stratfor subscriber (yes, the company that was hacked months ago), and their analysis on the continuing drug cartel and violence problems in Mexico, is spot on.
  • For every Stratfor, there is also “Foreign Policy“.  They feature an excellent article by John Garnaut, China correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald, on the seismic shift in the course that China may take and its impact on its people and economy, not to mention, the rest of the world.

And now on to the morning’s political shows and my first cup of coffee.  Enjoy.

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