Noon Musings for Friday, March 30, 2012

I’m late.  Up since 3:15am working on a presentation.

Snippets, tidbits, and commentary on issues and current events I couldn’t pass up.

  • Israel will do what it has to to survive and protect its population.  I’m sure Netanyahu is shocked, just shocked, to learn that people within the Obama Administration might be responsible for leaking this information.
  • Well, Michelle’s on vacation again.  Malia’s back from Mexico just in time to accompany mom and Sasha to Las Vegas.  A ten-car motorcade to Mt. Rushmore sure sounds like a “private” family vacation.
  • Misery loves company.  Middle class Americans are being taxed into the poor clase, so why not bring the world along with us.  You notice who said it, right.
  • I wrote in a post last year about the upcoming November election, five strengths that could re-elect the President.  Strength #5, was a good old international crisis. I may have been off a year or so, but it’s coming.  Good column by Charles Krauthammer today.

No coffee; looks like tea and crumpets.


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