Morning Musings for Monday, March 26, 2012

Snippets, tidbits and commentary on issues and current events that I couldn’t pass up:

  • It’s open mike time again, darn that pesky technology.  And we find it’s all about space.  That’s election-speak for after the November election, we can expect green, nuke-free missiles.
  • Mormon is the Catholic of JFK years.  Guess every religion needs to get through its “cult” phase.
  • Women and the run for public office.  Having won election to public office myself, (nothing better than proving your local newspaper’s endorsement wrong,) from experience, women have to play the political game differently.  If they’re too strong, they offend some of the traditional women’s vote, and if they’re not strong enough, they’ll get over-run by the good ‘ol boys. My gene pool didn’t let the latter happen.
  • While some believe that the Court could decide either way on Obamacare, others believe that the Court members pretty well have decided which side of the beast they’re on. Over the next three days, the questions the Justices ask, as well as the questions they don’t ask, will be the window into the decision.
  • Two more NATO troops killed in Afghanistan by a man wearing an Afghan military uniform.  I think it’s kind of absurd, don’t you, that we have our troops supposedly training the Afghans to fight, when they’ve outlasted the British (think Khyber Pass) and the Soviets (think 9 years) and now us (think 10 going on forever.)

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