Morning Musings for Friday, March 23, 2012

Snippets, tidbits and commentary on issues and current events I just can’t pass up.

  • Do I hear the sound of flip flopping?  And no, David, it’s your man this time, not Mitt.  Keystone XL is once again in the spotlight.  Remember, snail darters can’t vote.

Obama at TransCanada Pipeline yard, Cushing, OK (AP photo)

  • So tell me, do you want this man to take the 3am phone call?  After his latest comments, I guess we know who he’ll be voting for.  See you in the fall, Rick.

    Rick Santorum on the campaign trail (Drudge)

  •  5 things Dems got wrong on healthcare.  Only five?
  • And now Mitt’s turn, Why I’d Repeal Obamacare.  Remember Mitt, we have you down on paper.  I hope you chose your words carefully.

Enjoy your coffee.


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