Morning Musings for Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Snippets, tidbits and commentary on issues and current events too good to pass up.

  • I know, “we already know”.  Just reinforcing.  National price average for gallon of gas hits $3.83/gal.  I think the President leaves the White House today to fly on a cross country tour, stopping at various points to show he’s a pipeline, drilling, exploring leader.
  • Meanwhile, back here in Illinois, it’s primary day, and we have a hot one pitting two Republicans, one, a long-serving member vs. a “young gun” endorsed by none other than House Majority Leader Cantor.  This one should be good.
  • The effects of Obamacare two years into the law.  I can hardly wait for my (not so) golden years.
  • Economy and jobs remain in the forefront, but is this the year foreign policy ekes its way onto the national stage?  Sure looks like momentum is building.
  • And shortly, what everyone will be talking about, the Ryan budget, due to be unveiled later this morning, but an op-ed courtesy of The Wall Street Journal.

Enjoy your morning coffee.

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