Morning Musings for Friday, March 16, 2012

Snippets, tidbits and fast commentary on issues and current events I just can’t pass up.

  • (h/t) to Drudge, Starstruck David Cameron’s embarrassing fawning over Barack Obama and his ‘beautiful words’.  Wasn’t it just about three years ago when our bud, Barack, returned the bust of Winston Churchilll to the Brits?  And let’s not forget the iPod he gave the Queen, you know, the one filled with BO’s most memorable speeches.  I’m just waiting for BO’s sell-out when the Falklands issue rears its head again.
  • Interesting note on the upcoming arguments before SCOTUS, March 26.  The Justice Dept is shifting its heavily reliant argument on the Commerce Clause to the Necessary and Proper Clause, which says that “Congress can make laws that are necessary for carrying out its other powers.”  The Court’s decision and this election is going to make for one helluva election cycle, as it’s already proven to be like no other.
  • Yesterday, I wrote a post, Afghanistan – The Folly and The Fate, taking an overall perspective, that American lives were not worth propping up a corrupt regime, and that our mission in 2012 far exceeded the intent of 2001, when we first entered the country.  After a Decade of Operations, Is it Time to Pull the Plug on Afghanistan is a very well thought out, articulate piece from Jeff Emanuel, an author/writer who spent time in the Air Force and served in Iraq, who comes to the same opinion.
  • I love the opinions of Charles Krauthammer, and this piece is no exception, Obama’s oil flimflam.  Until I can put wind in my car, or maybe if we can find a way to harness all the Obama hot air, our reliance on oil remains, and it remains the US top priority to be energy self-sufficient.

Enjoy your coffee.

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