Morning Musings for Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Snippets, tidbits and fast commentary on issues and current events that I just can’t pass up.









  • CBO:  Obamacare to cost $1.76 trillion over 10 years.  Ten years from now, when the cost is really totalled up, it will be double this estimate or more.  At the rate the economy is going, unemployment, and the massive tax increases on the 2013 horizon, we’ll all be on some form entitlement just to survive.
  • Can’t resist, David Axelrod bails on Bill Maher.   I suppose after yesterday’s poll numbers from various organizations showing Obama’s descent, gas prices seriously trump the whiny college co-ed’s inability to game the system in her favor.  So we just can’t milk the issue any further, and Maher’s irrelevant.
  • ‘Game Change’ authors:  Hilary in ’16.  Never believe what Hilary says, watch what Hilary does.  After Secy of State (you notice, no one’s mentioned her for World Bank despite her statement that she’s interested), she’ll take a breather and who knows.  Couldn’t be worse than what we have now.
  • I have my own personal opinion coming on this later today, but Obama’s troubled handling of Afghanistan, is just that, troubling.  Whenever we play with people’s lives, no matter what the context or forum, that’s an intolerance that I can’t put up with.
  • Alabama and Mississippi primaries: 5 takeaways.  You have to admit, Romney’s got trouble, although sometimes I think if Ronald Reagan were alive today, he’d have trouble appealing to today’s Conservatives.  As for Gingrich, it’s troubling that the his strategy, according to some pundits, is to ‘sabotage Romney at the convention.’

And that’s all for this morning.  Enjoy your coffee.

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