Morning Musings for Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Political Woman’s Morning Musings.  Tidbits, snippets and fast commentary on issues and current events that are too good for me to pass up.

  • Daycare on Demand: round-the-clock childcare services on the rise”  There’s something un-nerving about this, especially when you can remember Father Knows Best and Leave It to Beaver.   The next time the job report figures come out and we’re told we’re told the economy is getting better, tell that to these people.  Families, single parents are doing what they have to, to survive and take care of their children.  But at what long-term price.
  • Seeking the roots of a U.S. soldier’s shooting rampage  You mind if I ask what a soldier, who suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2010 is doing in Afghanistan on his fourth deployment.  How many more ticking time bombs do we have over there, do you suppose.
  • President Obama’s poll numbers are down.  I’m shocked, aren’t you.  Gas prices and now this:  By a 21-point margin, Americans Oppose Birth Control Mandate.  By the way, the “accommodation” never made it into the final regs entered into the Federal Register by HHS.
  • I never thought living in Illinois could look so good.  California’s Greek Tragedy.  Governor Jerry Brown’s proposing a November ballot initiative that would raise the state income tax to 12.5%.
  • It’s great to know you have my back, Chuck, along with the best interests of women.  What say you, Mrs. Schumer?  Despite Bill Maher’s crude comments, Dem PAC doesn’t have to return comedian’s  $1M:  Schumer 
  • Finally, we close with Sarah Palin as seen through the eyes of a Washington Post columnist, Richard Cohen, Sarah Palin’s Foolishness Ruined US Politics.  He bases his opinion on the HBO movie, “Game Changer.” adapted from the book by co-authors, Mark Halperin and John Heilmann, not exactly the non-partisan types.  Scathing opinion column, but I’m waiting for Sarah’s Democratic version…or do we have one already.

Happy morning!

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